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Join Travefy Academy for a free 3-day virtual event focused on empowering travel professionals with the knowledge and tools to grow their business!

October 10th - October 12th

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All sessions are recorded and will be available to watch here after the event.

October 10

10 am CT

Opening Keynote: "Coffee is for Closers"

Featuring: Cyndi Williams

Learn how to make blockbuster sales authentically without the typical 'salesy' feel, embracing consultative techniques that clients love.

October 10

3 pm CT

Showcasing Your Brand with Social Media

Featuring: Gabbie Borgus

Learn how to elevate your brand through strategic social media practices. Get inspired with ideas and how to create exposure for your brand.

October 10

12 pm CT

Building a Scaleable Sales Process

Featuring: Heather Parker

Successful sales starts with a good system and process. Get a full breakdown of how to build a structure and framework to support a growing business.

October 11

10 am CT

The Art of the Repeat Sale: 

Engaging Travelers After Their Trip

Featuring: Penny Cooper & Christina Vieira

Foster long-term traveler engagement, from post-trip email follow-ups to sustaining connections for years to come

October 11

3 pm CT

Target, Engage, Sell: The Group Travel 

Sales Formula (Panel Discussion)

Featuring: Tiffany Watt & Sandra Weinacht

Hear from two experienced travel professionals on how to plan, book, and market different types of group 

travel effectively.

October 11

12 pm CT

How to Unstuck Your Sales and 

Overcome Objections

Featuring: Glenda Beagle

Are you missing out on sales because of objections? Explore how to overcome them and discover the art of asking the right questions.

October 12

3 pm CT

How to Market and Sell Yourself 

as a Travel Professional

Featuring: Roslyn Ranse

Wrap up the Sales Workshop by mastering self-promotion, from optimizing social media to harnessing your personal brand, confidence, & energy for business growth.

October 12

10 am CT

Building Customer Relationships: 101

Featuring: Guida Botelho, CTIE

Examine the foundational importance of trust and communication in client relationships, and how mastering these can make or break your travel business.

October 12

12 pm CT

Building a Business Mindset of 

Small Steps & Steady Faith

Featuring: Brandon Foster

Discover the underestimated power of taking small steps in your business and learn how to anchor your faith in knowing you're on the right track for success.

Join us for a travel trivia happy hour to wrap up Sales Workshop!

Even though the sessions will be concluded, we won't be done yet! Celebrate Sales Workshop virtually with us during a fun-filled travel trivia happy hour! 

Grab a beverage, test your travel knowledge, and win exciting prizes!



Cyndi Williams

Roslyn Ranse

Brandon Foster

Guida Botelho

Tiffany Watt

Glenda Beagle

Christina Vieira

Penny Cooper

Heather Parker

Gabbie Borgus

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these sessions be recorded?

Yes! Each session will be recorded and available to watch after the session concludes. You can watch the recordings on this page and we'll add them to our YouTube page shortly after Sales Workshop wraps up.

Can I attend if I'm not a Travefy customer?

Absolutely! All Travefy webinars are free for anyone to attend. Travefy Academy webinars are also intended as an educational resource for travel professionals and doesn't showcase Travefy's software tools. If interested in learning more about Travefy's software, schedule a one-on-one demo or register for an upcoming weekly webinar at

I have a question for Travefy, who can I contact?

You can email our team at